To make quality medicines at affordable price. To have a global perspective and respect local values


To provide the highest quality medical information. To provide a stable supply of quality pharmaceutical formulations. To be an ethical, trusted and respectful health care partner


To be accountable for providing quality medicines. To provide safe environment for its workers. To demonstrate professionalism, respect for others and teamwork

We are

having the following manufacturing lines:

    • Solid and liquid orals
    • Dry syrups
    • Sachet formulations
    • Oral Beta lactams

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    Our Vision

    Ever Green Pharmaceuticals

    We endeavour to make Ever Green Pharmaceuticals a major, profitable pharmaceutical manufacturing company offering world class medicines to meet significant medical needs. EverGreen Pharmaceuticals has total commitment to quality and human values. Our vision is to develop innovative medicines and make health care affordable to all in DRC and its neighbouring countries.